How To Be A Self-Published Author

Introduction | Self-Publishing Options – Part 1 | Self-Publishing Options – Part 2 | Self-Publishing Options – Part 3 | Why Self-Publishing Is Worth Doing | Creating A Manuscript | Critiques Are Painful But Necessary | Book Illustrations | A Cover That Sells | Self-Publishing Through Lightning Source | Self-Publishing Through CreateSpace | Finally A Book!

How To Be A Self-Published Author
How To Be A Self-Published Author: A Step-by-Step Guide
published in December 2009, explains in detail how to use what was then the most current technology and online resources to turn a manuscript into a published book. I usually tell new authors they need to complete their manuscript before starting on the publishing aspects, but I wrote this book as I did each step.

UPDATE April 2015: The online world is continually changing and what was ‘current’ in 2009, is old news now. I have linked to the book on Amazon so that you can use their ‘Look Inside’ feature to see the layout of the print book as well as the Table of Contents. Not everything in the book is included here but you can probably get most of the information you need through this website.

Self-Publishing Through Lightning Source

Lighting Source is a printing company, not a publisher. They are possibly the largest book printing company in the world, used by publishers large and small. You must be a publisher in order to print books through Lightning Source and use their distribution.

Before CreateSpace became a user-friendly publishing source, I published some of my books through LightningSource. Some of those early books are still available for distribution through their extensive network of book dealers.

When a brick & mortar bookstore contacts me regarding books published through LightningSource, I refer them to Ingram Distributing, the distribution partner.

If you own a fairly small publishing company (as I do), it’s more cost effective to publish through CreateSpace, at least initially. Lightning Source charges for initial set-up and changes as well as annual marketing fees to be listed in Ingram’s catalogs.

In some instances, I will publish a book through CreateSpace and when I am completely satisfied with the outcome I will submit the final cover and interior files to Lightning Source. That way I’m not paying for proofing and changes.

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