How To Be A Self-Published Author

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How To Be A Self-Published Author
How To Be A Self-Published Author: A Step-by-Step Guide
published in December 2009, explains in detail how to use what was then the most current technology and online resources to turn a manuscript into a published book. I usually tell new authors they need to complete their manuscript before starting on the publishing aspects, but I wrote this book as I did each step.

UPDATE April 2015: The online world is continually changing and what was ‘current’ in 2009, is old news now. I have linked to the book on Amazon so that you can use their ‘Look Inside’ feature to see the layout of the print book as well as the Table of Contents. Not everything in the book is included here but you can probably get most of the information you need through this website.

Self-Publishing Options – Part 3

For several years, I’ve used one publishing service to publish my books and to publish proof copies for other authors who hired me as their publishing consultant (or “book shepherd”). I often refer to it as the down-and-dirty way to proof a book before publishing it elsewhere.

Free Publishing With wasn’t always in the POD business but someone in their corporate office finally realized there were more profits to be had if they not only sold books but also printed the books they sold. Amazon went right for the jugular telling authors using PODs (think Lightning Source as the target) that their softcover books could only be sold through if they were printed through one of’s POD printing affiliates, BookSurge or CreateSpace.

BookSurge was Amazon’s first dabble into POD printing, offering authors a tasty $99 package of services which included complete pre-press editing, layout, and design. In BookSurge’s $99 package, authors got essentially the same services subsidy publishers were charging thousands of dollars for. Some subsidy publishers even made their money being the middle man between BookSurge and new authors.

The marketing minds at Amazon knew there was a lot of business they’d lose if they didn’t offer a free service to authors that would also funnel some of those authors into BookSurge. CreateSpace is that free service. BookSurge has now been combined with CreateSpace to provide free services to authors who can do everything themselves and ‘for a fee’ services for authors needing help.

I use CreateSpace to publish my own books and to publish books for authors who have hired me as their publishing consultant (the current term is “book shepherd”) which usually includes layout and pre-press work. For one first novelist, publishing his book through CreateSpace is as far as he has decided to go. For two other authors, CreateSpace was the proofing mechanism before publishing through Lightning Source.

Even though CreateSpace falls into the category of “Publishers Who Are Just OK” in Mark Levine’s eye-opening book The Fine Print of Self Publishing: The Contracts & Services of 45 Self-Publishing Companies Analyzed Ranked & Exposed, I have found a way to incorporate CreateSpace into a self-publishing plan that has worked well for me and the authors I’ve helped self-publish.

I will show you, step by step, how to publish a book through CreateSpace. In my book I also discuss publishing through Lightning Source.

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